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ORISECURE Foundation



  • Origone’s integrated cybersecurity platform protects the entire IT infrastructure stack – mail gateways, desktops, tablets, mobiles – with a single, military-grade solution
  • Infrastructure agnostic: not tied to any specific gateway or device, maximising channel opportunities
  • Cost effective: the one-stop solution dramatically reduces set up costs and eliminates burdensome configuration


  • Anti-Ransomware / Spear-Phishing / Spam / Zero-Day-Exploit / Unknow Exploit
  • Identity Protection
  • Identity Safeguard
  • Mobile Protection
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Cost and expertise required to perform adequate cybersecurity assessments, coupled with internal auditing, external regulations and good operational practice requires rapid, cost-effective and action-oriented cybersecurity assessments solution.

Utilizing ORISECURE solution portfolio the assessment can be achieved quickly, professionally, objectively with a very competitive cost.

The ORISECURE Cybersecurity Assessment Approach:

  • Pre-configuration of the CDSS with relevant intelligence
  • Gathering initial data using the base questionnaire per environment
  • Uploading configuration files such as active directory
  • Fine-tuning data with answers and automation
  • Providing detailed presentation to decision makers using the dashboards
  • Providing the fully populated system for a couple of weeks for additional review and acquisition discussions
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ORISECURE Forensics can trace the successive actions of a potential attacker and conduct thorough investigations digital quickly and easily in case of suspicion of malicious network security incidents.

With this solution, security teams can solve crimes more quickly, often within hours or even minutes instead of several days.

This solution can also repair a network security breach and prevent its recurrence.

ORISECURE Incident Forensics:

  • Traces the successive actions of cybercriminals to provide in-depth insights into the impact of intrusions and prevent their recurrence
  • Rebuilt raw network data related to a security incident in their original format to enable better understanding of the event
  • Integrates with IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform and is compatible with many third-party packet capture solutions
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ORISECURE Advanced Protection


With the ORISECURE Advanced Protection solution we are able to provide our customers the essentials of intelligent safety features including the following:

  • Integrate, in a unified solution, information management and security events (SIEM), log management, anomaly detection and management of configurations and vulnerabilities
  • Using a unique architecture: log analyzer, flow, vulnerabilities and gift-born about users and assets
  • Use correlation functions and detect anomalies in real time to identify advanced threats
  • Identify priority incidents among billions of data points
  • Provide 360-degree visibility of network activities, applications and users
  • Automate regulatory compliance through collection capabilities, correlation and reporting
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ORISECURE Cyber-defense


Most of our activities are carried out for large corporations and governments.

Our team provides services in loss prevention and safety services to a wide range of major companies and organizations worldwide.

The precept of the activities of our team is based on the principle of prevention, with a strong emphasis on the development of new and advanced methods.

The implementation in all areas of activity of the Company is then meticulously planned.
Based on this principle, our team pays special attention to the development of prevention methods to neutralize the danger and threats as soon as it is humanly possible.

Using meticulous and intelligent planning taking into account the transactionnal and personal needs, our team provides comprehensive and appropriate solutions that meet the needs of each client, focusing on high quality service, fast availability and full responsibility.

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ORISECURE Intelligence


ORISECURE Intelligence™ provides preventive security solutions for a wide range of different needs.

ORISECURE Intelligence is based among others on the HIWIRE™ system – which helps government organizations and businesses to protect themselves from the dangers of the internet.

Our team has industrialized a tool to monitor open source activities and Deep / Dark Web, with particular emphasis on virtual HUMINT operations.

These skills are combined with an exclusive Web Intelligence system called Human Interface for Web Intelligence Research & Entity.

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Our Activity


Flow analysis
Threat detection
Predictive analysis
Business Intelligence
Dark Web / OSINT surveillance


Risk management
Asset management
Identity management
Multi-factor authentication
Entreprise Mobility Management

Quantum Technology

Research & development
Feasibility studies
Algorithm portage
Quantum optimization

About Origone

Building together tomorrow’s technology for a secure world

ORIGONE is a privately owned company, specialized in Cyber-security. We provide innovative and adapted solutions to your needs.

Our vision:

Cyber-security expert team turned towards new technologies and market solutions to anticipate, predict and ward off potential, current and future threats.

Our cyber-security technology solutions enable secure information exchange, transport, storage and operations, helping our clients navigate cyber-space with trusted and secure networks, systems and informations.

Our Leadership

Our Experts are here to assist you and guide you, an experience that will improve the quality of your business.
Dr. Stephen Bryen
Senior Advisor - Government Relations - Aerospace & Defense Subject Matter Expert
Abdelali Tabsissi
Cyber Security Consultant
Johanne Scerbo So
Cyber Security Engineering Manager
Richard Staveley
Strategic Account Manager

Our experts

Origone s'appuie sur des experts internationaux en Cyber-sécurité tournés vers les nouvelles technologies pour anticiper, prévoir et définir les contre-mesures adéquates pour parer aux menaces actuelles et futures.

Nos Partenaires

Origone a forgé des partenariats stratégiques avec des entreprises leaders en matière de Cyber-sécurité tels que IBM.

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